Fall belongs to Metal in Chinese Medicine.

As the leaves begin to dry up and fall we are invited to also Let Go of that which no longer serves us. It is from this letting go that we create space to receive the heavenly Qi from above.

The Large Intestine (which helps us let go of the sh*t ) and the Lungs (which allow us to breathe, receive, and specifically to inspire) are the paired organ systems of the Metal Element.

Letting Go often brings on grief and crying. Grief is a profound teacher (guru) and crying is the natural expression that nourishes and honors the heart.

A Metal personality type may be on a spiritual path and seem detached as they are actually “detaching” from this world. This energy is wise, logical and linear.

The archetype of the alchemist is Metal.

Metal chops Wood. It can quickly knock down our “plan”, especially if it is not a rooted and flexible one.

Metal is granite. It is the preciousness within Earth. It reaches high into the heavens and connects us to the divine. Stones bear witness to the mystery of time.

Metal is the embodied knowing/ gut instinct.

Meditation and communing with nature help us to feel the Metal energy.

This is the perfect time to let go of habits, thoughts, clutter, and relationships that are no longer serving us.

Dietarty cleanses are common this time of year.

I like to take a break from sugar, wheat, alcohol, and dairy… even if only for a week, and ideally for 3 weeks/ 21 days.

I recommend …

*Alexa Schirm of Simple Roots who hosts a Craving Cure and Simple Cleanse.

*Jessica Campbell of Food Foundation who offers 28 days of Inspiration and guides to get you on the easy road to better health.

I really need and enjoy cleaning closets and taking time to feng-shui this time of year. THIS particular fall I am finally slimming down my storage unit to make space for more goodness and adventure!!

Another important area to Clean Up is your skin care!! It is terrifying the harmful unregulated chemicals found in many of our traditional soaps, lotions, shampoos and makeup products!

Turning 40 this year has got me a bit obsessed with finding effective and safe skincare. You can find out more about some of my favorite finds on the shop page of this site

The Metal element controls the skin which is also the largest detoxification organ of the body. It’s important to keep our skin nourished and free from unnecessary garbage. Our skin protects our inner landscape and the outside environment. What a very important job!

The Five Elements are a system that organizes and explains relationships in the natural world, both internally and externally. The Five Elements have also been called the Five Phases as they represent transformation and change, or referred to as the Five Spirits which emphasizes the emotional and spiritual lessons within these Phases. The Elements are actually only one quality within the Phases.

The Psycho-Spiritual lesson of Metal is to take nothing personally.

Opportunities show up to help you learn this, and they often look like challenges.

We call it a practice because it is that…  it takes practice to learn this, and I have been getting plenty of opportunities (trials) lately. I trust you have as well:)

This is our time to align the Inner and Outer Worlds. To notice how we are relating to and experiencing both and recognize if they are supporting each other and connected.

The 7 Po (orifices) are related to Metal and they inform how we experience everything…  

2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, a mouth.


How often are we present? (seeing, hearing, breathing, tasting)

Are we willing to look at your own sh*t?

Are we open to receiving inspiration?

Can we do all of this and still remember to take nothing personally ??



We must be patient with ourselves.

Saying this aloud and fill in the blank helps:

“Even though I am … _____(not perfect______) …  , I love and accept myself completely.”

It’s a phase and a practice.

I find humor helps the most:)


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  1. Natalie

    This is awesome Jes! I love learning about Chinese medicine from you and how it relates to my own everyday life.

    And thanks for the reminder to be patient with myself and breathe… being an entrepreneur I’m always in hustle mode, so it’s nice to remember to take a moment to be still.


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