The whisper of a calling

towards some new way of being,

to a place I’ve not yet been

has gotten way too loud!

I’m following breadcrumbs in the darkness

unclear where I’m heading

unwilling to stay where I am.

I’m apprehensive and even terrified at times.

I also trust and have faithful moments.

I know these conflicting feelings are a sign

I’m onto something good.

Fear and love are always present.

I choose to step forward.

I recommit again to myself

to staying curious

and being willing to change and grow.

I am uneasy

and recall that my best decisions always

have followed something uncomfortable.

This anxiety and restlessness

brings me closer to myself.

Here I am.



  1. Karine

    I love this poem Jes. It gives me hope, as I too now recall that my best decisions have always followed something uncomfortable.
    Spring is a good time for new beginnings.
    Nice to have met you today.

    • Jessica Davies

      Thank you, Karine:)
      so happy these words offered you hope. Thank you for your comment.
      Change is always uncomfortable and yet
      totally worth it in my book.
      Feeling grateful for The Five Elements and time in nature to remind me
      that it’s a very good time to plant new seeds… right now.. in spring…
      dirty as that may be:)
      xo, Jes


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