My passion for healthy food, transformational acupuncture and reminding people of their innate wisdom and brilliance was inspired by spending time in my grandma’s kitchen.

My grandma always gave me the best advice:

Follow Your Heart.

Simply stated, this one task is often not easy to do.

We must be open and willing to hear our heart’s desire.

We must be willing to Let Go of our former ideas about what we thought we

“should” do.

And, we must re-define “success” in our own words, on our own terms, and from where we sit today.

Growing up, I used to show up at my grammy’s home scared, sad, mad or

overwhelmed and be offered a few Polish snacks and fair jolt of sugar along with her endless LISTENING and support.

She let me find my own path thru the confusion.

I began to know and trust myself.

She could resolve any conflict with her kindness. She was at her core a woman of peace. She believed in the inherent goodness of everyone and never spoke a harsh word. She forgave, she gave, and she cooked up a storm of “old-people food” (as my mother calls it so lovingly).

Pot-roast, city-chicken, chop-suey, golabki, kielbasa… it is the memory of the smells that comfort me most, as I declared myself a vegetarian at a very early age picking apart most of my meals focusing on the sweets and salads made of ice-burg lettuce. A strong testament to the healing power of a meal made with so much love even if it is only nibbled at.

My strong aversion to meat and many other things began my interest in cooking. My mom bought me a cookbook of “vegetarian food” and I tried out a few dishes as a kid, but Michigan in the ’80s did not expose me to much in the delicious and healthy variety. Even now I struggle at times managing a HEALTHY VEGETARIAN DIET. Acupuncture school educated me into eating meat to build my blood, and IF I actually enjoyed meat and didn’t understand the horrific ways in which these animals are so often raised in our country, then I would likely choose a version of Paleo.

Always a Moody Foodie, I am now a moderate. I eat meat and fish at times and still prefer a whole foods vegetarian diet. I feel proud of my constantly improving choices that are yummy, organic, local, & nutrient dense. I enjoy all foods and the evolution of my habits.

Most of my healthier versions of comfort foods taste better than their ancestors. I love to share ideas on Food as Medicine and keep healthy ideas fun and easy. Part of my Dream is to remind you that you too can make remedies and nourishing meals in your own kitchen, and enjoy taking care of yourself and all those you love.

Mmmmm. Mmm.

Let’s get cookin’.

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  1. Lynne Davies

    Really enjoyed ‘Falling in Love With Food and Dreams in Gramma’s kitchen’. Looking forward to enjoying more on your website.


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