Modern Times Call for Ancient Medicine

Help your employees thrive
personally and professionally
with on-site acupuncture services.

Technology is a blessing and a curse.

It makes work faster, but can also take a major toll on our health, putting us in a constant state of fight or flight. Long-term, low grade stress can be detrimental to our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Why Acupuncture?

You may already have some wellness offerings in your office, but acupuncture plays an incredible role in healing, which can begin in just one session!

Studied benefits include:

  • Quick pain relief from common office ailments
    (carpal tunnel, headaches, eye strain)
  • Relief from back, neck, arm, hand, and shoulder tension
  • Instantly decreases stress + anxiety
  • Releases endorphins (aka ‘happy’ hormones)
  • Aids in focus and boosts concentration and efficiency (so that your employees get to enjoy their weekend!)
  • Increases circulation, decreases inflammation
  • Regulates the nervous system and keeps us in a rested state

These benefits result in less injury from repetitive strain,
reduced absenteeism,
higher creativity,
better focus and alertness
and much more.

“Finding acupuncture at work was the best thing that could have happened for my career. In the fast paced and demanding culture of San Francisco stress and burnout are inevitable. My stress was constantly at a 10 and getting grounded again was a huge challenge for me. Working with Jes has dramatically helped to ground me and allow me to get my stress in order, not to mention get my sleep schedule back on track. The chain reaction of this is amazing. Better focus, happier home life, and overall better well being.”

Tom Temmerman (Google LLC)

How it Works:

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Get healthier employees

Choose your preferred treatment method, either:

  • Option 1: 1-on-1 in 30-40 minute sessions (ideal for smaller companies)
  • Option 2: A group setting of 4-5 people per hour so that each has 30 minutes to refresh.

We can move qi in a variety of settings such as a lounge, library, mother’s room, or empty office.

Why Me?

Creating a peaceful place in the busiest environments is one of my super-powers.

Hi, I’m Jes! I’ve been sharing acupuncture in San Francisco and the Bay Area for 15 years in my private practice, and for many of the top tech companies in the area.

I’ve noticed a rise in 3rd party services that aren’t able to offer more personalized, high-touch services for clients, and instead a cookie-cutter offering. I’m not a stodgy corporate wellness professional, and I honor how unique each of my clients needs are.

One of my clients calls me “needle-mama” and the name has stuck because I remind these brilliant minds how to care for themselves amidst a busy and productive work day as many healthy moms would do 😉

Want More?

If you’d like additional wellness services, I’m happy to help!

I’ll assemble my awesome team of massage therapists, yoga teachers, naturopathic doctors & nutritionists to customize a Wellness Program that fits your company’s needs specifically. Part of corporate wellness is empowerment and education so
I’m also available for:
Lunch & Learns
on optimal wellness, managing stress to cultivate creativity, and de-mystifying acupuncture.

“I started going to Jes at my previous job. It helped me manage stress, digestion, and overall body energy. After I left my job I noticed the difference so much I contacted her and now I visit her clinic multiple times a month to stay feeling great.”

Former employee at AKQA

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Ready for better health and productivity in your office?