True Health is Our Ability to Live Our Dreams

I love sharing Corporate Wellness Acupuncture

and watching the results of stress reduction and pain relief

ripple through a large office in an afternoon visit.


…treats any pain quickly and effectively including carpal tunnel, headaches, eye strain.

…relieves back, neck, arm, hand, and shoulder tension.

…calms stress and anxiety.

…releases endorphins… makes you feel real good!!

…increases immunity fighting colds, flu, and managing allergies.

…creates focus and boosts concentration and efficiency.

…increases circulation, decreases inflammation.

…regulates the nervous system.

Acupuncture can be given in a 1 on 1 setting in 30-40 minute sessions,

or in a group setting of 5 people per hour so each has 30 minutes to refresh.

I will assemble an awesome team of massage therapists, yoga teachers, & nutritionists to customize a Wellness Program that fits your company’s needs perfectly.

We can move qi in a variety of settings such as a lounge, library, or empty office.

Creating a peaceful place amidst a busy one is one of my super-powers.

Part of Corporate Wellness is Empowerment and Education.

I share Lunch & Learns to inspire wellbeing such as:

The Foundations of Optimal Health

De-mystifying Acupuncture

Managing Stress to Cultivate Creativity

Plan Your Corporate Wellness Program Today

Improve the health and mood of your office and be the one your people thank!