Anger as Our Guide

Feeling frustrated about all the things? Something in particular?
Getting curious about our anger can be a breadcrumb towards what is most important now and help us clarify what action it is time to take.
This RAW RECORDING will grow into THIS PODCAST soon.


Embracing Uncertainty and Playing with Yin-Yang
I’m starting to chat about healing and growing by honoring the Natural Process of Change that Yin-Yang and Five Element theory give us the road map for.
This RAW RECORDING invites you to play with the mystery and get curious about many possibilities. Intending to launch this as a podcast soon.

Wood Grows with Creativity

I am writing this as the Wood Phase is almost done, which seems fitting as the Wood energy is all about growth, action, and strategy. My life and projects have been growing quickly. Following the darkness of Water (and winter time) when we went deep and reflected and realized our own potential and fears, Wood quickens the pace and asks us to TAKE ACTION and plant the right seeds and move forward.

Water and Overcoming Fear

This winter
I had a shoulder injury, lost a substantial income stream, felt intense homesickness as some family worries came up, and then… I got the flu for 2 weeks!!
I got knocked down and tossed around as many of you did, and so… I listen.
This is the WATER TIME of year and it wants us to pause and rest and surrender. We either choose to be still or it gets forced upon us.
This is the end of one cycle and beginning of another.

The Patience and Power to Heal

Recently my own symptoms resurfaced, reminding me to slow down and make time for writing. It’s become clear I need more community around me and that I need to share my ideas in a new way. I am craving collaborations, workshops, and more wellness events in the workplace where we discuss healing before symptoms arise. My messages are also about LOVE in all its forms and leisurely cooking more with my sweetie is now top of my priority list.

Why Fall is Time to Let it Go

Fall belongs to Metal in Chinese Medicine.
As the leaves begin to dry up and fall we are invited to also Let Go of that which no longer serves us. It is from this letting go that we create space to receive the heavenly Qi from above.
The Large Intestine (which helps us let go of the sh*t ) and the Lungs (which allow us to breathe, receive, and specifically to inspire) are the paired organ systems…

Showing Up

The whisper of a calling towards some new way of being, to a place I’ve not yet been has gotten way too loud! I’m following breadcrumbs in the darkness unclear where I’m heading unwilling to stay where I am. I’m apprehensive and even terrified at times. I also trust and have faithful moments. I know these conflicting feelings are a sign I’m onto something good…

Falling in Love with Food and Dreams in Gramma’s Kitchen

My passion for healthy food, transformational acupuncture and reminding people of their innate wisdom and brilliance was inspired by spending time in my grandma’s kitchen.

My grandma always gave me the best advice: Follow Your Heart.