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Acupuncturist & Life Coach in San Francisco

Acupuncture is my favorite way to improve health and turn on your body’s ability to heal.
It’s one of the 5 Branches of Complete Wellbeing and my passion is to share with you many tools and choices you have to grow stronger and happier each day.



Relieve Pain and improve your mood and energy with this effective and wholistic medicine. My clinic is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco.
Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

A healthy team is efficient and inspired and acupuncture helps you create this. I can build your wellbeing program with my awesome team of the best practitioners.
The Elements of Intention


Coaching supports healthy integration of business, relationships, and values while cultivating a deep connection to your true self. Clarity is Power. Change is Inevitable. Choice is Truth.
Naturally Jes is an acupuncture clinic in downtown San Francisco in the Finanacial DistrictWelcome to my little slice of cyberspace!!

I began my journey with acupuncture when it gave me my life back by relieving me of my migraine headaches. I had falsely accepted my suffering as familial since my mom and grandmother also lived with pain, but once I was free of headaches myself I wondered what else was a false belief?!?

Each acupuncture session seemed to do more than keep me pain-free, it also heightened my awareness of EVERYTHING including my sense of smell and taste and also my perspective of color and also of my “challenges”. Acupuncture seemed to enhance and exaggerate all of my feel-good feelings and I wanted to continue receiving treatments long after my headaches disappeared.

I felt light, clear, inspired, and focused for a few days after acupuncture.

I wanted to feel this way more often.

I decided to learn everything I could to keep my peaceful bliss and share the magic of it with others.

If I was to study Chinese Medicine I was told I should begin with The Five Elements. This is the theory of Creation and Creativity based in taoism explaining cycles, relationships, and patterns in nature. As we learn about The Five Elements and the interconnectedness of everything, we realize how beginnings are also endings in an endless cycle of Creation and Destruction.

Soon after immersing in the Elements I packed up my pick-up truck in Michigan and head for California where I would get a Master’s Degree and deepen my learning.

The Five Elements show us the path of wellbeing and also that of illness.

We see symptoms as messengers and we uncover answers to help us live our Truth. It’s roots being in Taoism means that we honor each person as having their own unique version of Truth and also of Wellness.

I know what is right for me, and you know what is right for you.

By studying the elements and phases and how they are manifesting individually we realize the next steps to Wholeness and Wellbeing together… Clients lead the practitioner who steps in to facilitate freedom of symptoms by opening blockages, or strengthening weakness, or quelling heat and pain. Acupuncture point selection is based on the tongue and pulse and also the “story” and symptoms, so it varies per client how you treat what may look like a similar complaint.

My passion for Alignment began with and continues to grow by observing patterns in myself and nature, my clients and community.

I became a Licensed Acupuncturist and opened up my clinic in 2004. In addition to my Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine I credit tai chi, yoga, meditation, cooking with whole foods, and spending tons of time in nature as some of my great teachers. I began obsessing about Positive Psychology and became a Certified Coach in 2017 which evolved naturally from working in my practice and also on myself.

After my first decade as an acupuncturist, I was noticing patterns in the treatment room outside of the scope of medical symptoms. These were habitual attitudes and behaviors that I felt were either encouraging or limiting healing.

I wondered,
“Why do some people get better fast while others resist??”

I began inquiring in new ways and found myself deep into studying modern Positive Psychology. The plasticity of our brains fascinates me and tools to shift mindset have seeped into and nourished my clinical practice.

I am strongly influenced by the work of Gay Hendricks, Daniel J Siegel, Robert Augustus, Debbie Ford, Carolyn Myss, Lori Dechar, Jeffrey Yuen, Amir Levine, and Rachel Heller. My foundational training was at Erickson International which I highly recommend and respect especially for the introduction to NLP in this course. I have plenty more to learn and I wanted to be sure to thank each of the above and encourage you to check out their work if it is time to learn more on your own path.

I weave Positive Psychology and Five Element theory into my acupuncture sessions and I offer Life Coaching/ Guidance sessions via the phone or in person on hikes around San Francisco. I offer courses on theory and have a group coaching program coming in Fall of 2018 that is going to be amazing.

My mission is to expand in Health, Love, and Abundance while inspiring others to do the same… by connecting to the natural cycles within and around us everyday.

Another way that I grow well-being rapidly is by sharing Acupuncture in the Workplace. I can tune-up 20-30 people in an office in an afternoon and turn a burnt-out, crabby team into an efficient, focused, and happy one. Taking time mid a busy week on technology is exactly when acupuncture is best.

Acupuncture resets the nervous system improving digestion, the immune system, reproduction, and sleep…

and it gets rid of pains like headache, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel… and all the usual aches and pains from being on screens too long.

Treating people in this community style has given me the surprise reward of watching an entire office uplift in just an afternoon. I work with companies who value a culture of health and wellbeing and I have THE BEST team of practitioners to curate a custom wellness program including massage, nutrition, yoga, and Naturopathic Medicine.

Whether it’s 1 on 1 acupuncture in the clinic, a coaching session, a course, or a group acupuncture program in your office.. my intention is always to leave you Feeling Your Best.

My wish is (still… after all these years…) that you too can experience the peaceful bliss that caught my attention and heart some 20 years ago in Kalamazoo, MI.

If you want to learn more about The Five Elements right now and how your symptoms can be messengers about a mindset shift you are ready for, sign up here to receive my Five Element Chart now.

With Love and Healing,

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